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Adds color to life - Health to eye and skin

Role in health support

Age related macular degeneration (AMD)

Protect macula from natural ultraviolet rays

Decrease visual fatigue

Free radical and supper oxide scavenger

Reduce lipid peroxidation

Increase skin tone

Role as Food Colorant

Impact natural yellow to orange color in food and beverage

Gives natural feel

Enrich the antioxidant properties of the food and beverages

Natural alternative for synthetic colors

Olive Lifesciences - Improving Lives......

Olive Lifesciences is engaged in the entire spectrum of activity right from the cultivation of medicinal plants, their processing, and extraction. We have brought together cutting-edge technology, innovation and an unflagging commitment to quality, to manufacture a wide range of products that have found global demand. The products are manufactured in compliance with stringent global standards of plant operations, quality and safety. Olive Lifesciences is the  largest cultivator of Marigold Extracts - Lutein and Zeaxanthin from India. We use Bio  Pesticides and Bio Fertilizers to give the best out of us. We  committed to offer end to end best quality products by adopting optimized production technology, and following GMP  stringent guidelines to ensure safe and efficacious end products.

Our stringent R&D policy endorsed by DSIR ensures that each and every scientist is committed to customize the need of buyers aligning to their individual requirement apart from standardized products.

Our Product Range in Marigold Extract

All grades are available in , CO2, Solvent extraction and 100% Ethanol Extracted 

Marigold Extract 
Free Lutein

  • Free Lutein  5% to 80% Powder

  • Free Lutein 5% to 40% Oil Suspension

  • Free Lutein 5% to 30% Granules /Beadlets

  • Free Lutein 5% to 30% Water soluble /Water Dispersible 

Marigold Extract 
Lutein Esters

  • Lutein Ester 5% to 75% Powder

  • Lutein Ester  5% to 40% Oil Suspension

  • Lutein 5% to 30% Granules /Beadlets

  • Lutein Ester 5% to 20% Water soluble /Water Dispersible

  •  Lutein Ester 5% to 30% odor free

Marigold Extract 

  • Free Lutein  5% to 80% Powder

  • Free Lutein 5% to 40% Oil Suspension

  • Free Lutein 5% to 30% Granules /Beadlets

  • Free Lutein 5% to 30% Water soluble /Water Dispersible 

Marigold Extract 

  • Xanthophylls 1.5% 8% Feed grade Powder

  • Xanthophylls 1.5% 4% Feed grade liquid

  • Marigold Oleoresin

SEED TO SHELF PROTECTION AND TRACEABILITY - Olive Lifesciences, the largest cultivator and manufacturer of Lutein products from INDIA , is the only company, who offers you a "seed to shelf" protection on Marigold Extracts. We have our own facility for cultivating and manufacturing with well trained staff and farmers.

Olive Lifesciences

Olive Lifesciences is privileged to offer a wide range of standardized botanical extracts, by adopting the GMP and cGMP guidelines, with source input materials being used in manufacturing are cultivated and collected as per GACP , by adopting cutting edge technology in manufacturing along with the support of high end phyto research and IQPA monitored QC and QA departments. We ensure the best, affordable, safe and efficaciously standardized extracts to each customer.

why to choose olive

We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with services unmatched by our competitors.


GMP certified facility, FSSC, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL and ISO certified products, JAS certified raw materials, we are always a step ahead in quality.


With DSIR approved Research facility we develop products that are completely  customer oriented and as per market needs.

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