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Cultivation - The soul of our manufacturing

Olive Lifesciences - Improving Lives.....

Olive Lifesciences, The largest Cultivator of marigold flowers from India. As a company we ensure that the marigold extract you are purchasing from  us is cultivated by us , monitored by us and manufactured by us.  To ensure the seed to Shelf quality and traceability we have taken a lot of effort including supply with high quality planting material to farmers, bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, introduction to Good agricultural practices, post-harvest knowledge, and exclusive buy back agreements. Farmers are real people who know about the crop , we always support them and guide them for better and quality output. Olive Lifesciences has been engaged in this activity for the past fifteen years. This has resulted in the company gaining the confidence and support of the farmers.

The farming initiative of Olive Lifesciences has ensured the company gets high quality medicinal herbs thereby ensuring the quality and consistency of the end product batch after batch.

Company has engaged over 5000 farmers  only for the cultivation of marigold flowers to ensure the availability and quality of the product with " Seed to shelf" traceability. We provide the farmers with high quality seeds, bio fertilizers and bio pesticides in addition to educating them about Good Agricultural Practices. This ensures optimum yield from the land to thereby increasing his earnings.

Cultivation is the soul of our manufacturing , this will help us 100% guaranteed supply of the material through out the year.  We always produce the marigold extracts from the seed what we have sowed.

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